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With PivotU as your partner you will be able to offer pivotal learning to your employees whenever they need it.  Our Pivotal Partners receive a 15% discount on any and all PivotU publicly scheduled courses. 

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Everyone needs continued training in an evolving business in order to “keep up.”  When you invest in training for your Leaders, Managers and Employees you are sending a clear message that you expect higher productivity and performance as a result.  This is an implied agreement between the company who invests the time and money to support employee development and the employee who is gaining enhanced skills and abilities for his/her future.   Training includes not only the technical “what” in how to do the job but also the “how” to do it well with others.

When you don’t have the training expertise on-staff, turn to PivotU.  We provide training and learning in areas such as leading and managing others, communication skills, conflict management skills and hundreds of other topics. However, – PivotU is different as your needs drive our schedule.

Here’s how it works:

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Quality training, learning and transformation programs

PivotU training programs can be brought on-site, or we will create a public calendar responsive to your needs and interests. Our expert faculty will provide up-to-date instruction that can be immediately applied to the workplace.  Those courses we publicly schedule at PivotU will allow as few or many of your employees to join others in the professional community to learn and grow.  PivotU is passionate about your success and that of your employees. You are unique – you are different and so is PivotU.


Our team of facilitators blends theory, best practices, skill development, and their own expertise, to customize courses that meet participants’ unique needs. The result is an experience that isn’t just relevant, it’s immediately applicable to the workplace and contributes to sustainable success.  We call this “CustomCore” as it is customized to your specific needs around the core concepts of the training topic.

During course registration, participants will see a text box to share real challenges or issues they want to address during the program. Managers are encouraged to call us to let us know how to customize a course relevant to their employees’ needs. Career growth and sustainable transformation require expert customization. At PivotU, we call this approach CustomCore and you’ll find it in every course we offer.

Sustainable Transformation

We know that the reasons training fails and training dollars are wasted is because the training is not relevant or timely for the employee and lessons are not reinforced upon returning to the job. Training works best when combined with practice, coaching and accountability following the day of the training. We also feature many classes where assessments are integrated into the learning.  We want for you what you want for you – training and learning that is timely, permanent and where you can see measurable changes in behavior that helps you reach your organizational goals. True learning and transformation is not a one-day event or something done in response to a generic flyer you get in your e-mail.  The training we provide is ingrained into new skills and behaviors which result in measurable changes.

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Our Pivotal Partners receive a 15% discount on any and all PivotU publicly scheduled courses. Contact PivotU to become a Pivotal Partner and support your organization and your employees in long-term success. There is no contract and no obligation.
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