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Sue Breland

Sue Breland is a free-lance consultant and facilitator uniquely adept at integrating the art and science of collaboration. Sue holds the national Certified Public Manager designation, a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree from Texas State University and is on the faculty of the William P. Hobby Center for Public Service and Texas State University. Sue also holds a BA in Speech and Drama, is a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, and a local actress & performer.

Over 30 years, Sue has worked in the public, private and nonprofit sectors in organization development, training, business process design, project management and Corporate Social Responsibility – resulting in award winning results. She regularly conducts workshops ranging from technical topics like Research Methods and Performance Management and Program Evaluation to such relationship driven themes as FUNdraising, Customer Service and Nonprofit Board Boot Camp. Through the Hobby Center, Sue provides executive education in professional public administration and has been a presenter at such events as the national American Society for Public Service Conference, the Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Central Texas and the V.G. Young Institute of County Government School for County Tax Assessor-Collectors.

Sue has a passion for individual staff development and instructional design, making learning opportunities more engaging and impactful. Learning opportunities that encourage participation, reflection, and meaningful transfer to the workplace are her specialty through the training materials she creates and a facilitation style of teaching that honors the “wisdom already in the room.”

As a meeting facilitator, Sue is effective working with small teams, as well as, large stakeholder groups, line employees, executives and community members. Whether leading clients through organizational visioning, problem solving or strategic planning, Sue uses a variety of tools and techniques to move groups to their desired outcomes efficiently, with full engagement and fun.

Sue is professor in Political Science at Texas State University, a 2010 graduate of Leadership Austin, an author of Worship For One books & inspiration (www.WorshipForOne.com) and a Breast Cancer conqueror.

Sue Breland's upcoming courses

Decision Making – It’s More Than you Think!

Half-day course | Sue Breland

Living is a continual procession of decisions. In the workplace, leaders must be more cognizant of the effect of the decisions they make, the style of decision making they chose, who should be involved in decisions and at what point others are brought into the process. This course provides activity-based learning, tips and tools for making decisions and how to act on decisions for yourself and your organization with confidence. Read more ›

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Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Half-day course | Sue Breland

Unless managers and team leaders are successful in spelling out the organization’s specific goals, their team members are not going to know how to meet those objectives. This module shows trainees how to establish specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time-framed performance goals. It then illustrates the steps that gain team member agreement and commitment to those performance goals. Read more ›

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Leading Successful Projects

Full-day Course | Sue Breland

Today’s managers lead and are a part of project teams who are responsible for projects that have a direct and significant connection to the bottom line. Project management is a skill set that any leader can acquire with training that effectively addresses the overall processes required for success. Managers must keep each team focused, meet deadlines and adhere to a budget. A streamlined process can help pull it all together. Read more ›

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Meetings – Lead Them or Lose Them

Half-day course | Sue Breland

For some employees, it seems like their daily job is to go from one meeting to another. Unproductive meetings hinder results and frustrate morale. We know we can’t do without opportunities for group discussion and decision making, but can’t we do it better? We can! Determine WHY, WHEN or WHETHER to have meetings and then make them constructive, productive and value focused. Read more ›

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Servant Leadership

Half-day course | Sue Breland

The concept of Servant Leadership was introduced by Robert Greenleaf’s 1977 book “Servant Leadership: A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness”. Its inverted pyramid of power has since been integrated into every arena: from Fortune 500 companies to professional sports, entertainment, government and military to nonprofit organizations. Leading from a position of service rather than power is an old and yet new concept that can change your company, your leadership success and your life. Read more ›

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The Power of Facilitation

Full-day course | Sue Breland

A well trained Facilitator is a welcome contributor to any team as that person who can organize tasks, manage communication, and introduce methods that will move the work along more effectively. This course prepares participants to be THAT person who everyone wants on their team or project, providing tools, tips and techniques to make every job easier and team members happier and more capable of working together. Read more ›

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