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Christa Holmans

Christa Holmans is a central Texas native with a diverse business background. Her core focuses have included roles in customer service, project management, employee relations (recruiting, hiring, and retention,) marketing, operations, leadership, and administration. Christa is an out of the box thinker with a proven track record of helping organizations, business owners, and teams to create more efficient and harmonious workspaces.

Christa has successfully worked to help organizations of all sizes but will admit to having a soft spot for startups and small businesses. Corporate and personal branding are her passions. Christa enjoys helping organizations, leaders, and influencers to define and reach their unique customer base.

Her positive attitude is infectious, and she especially enjoys challenging tasks. She is extremely self-motivated, takes pride in her accomplishments, and gives the absolute best customer service experience to each and every person she comes in contact with because she truly cares about people.

Christa is highly driven and possesses excellent creative problems solving skills. She enjoys teaching and prides herself in being someone on the team everyone can count on and trust.

Always wanting to give back, Christa has sat on advisory boards for multiple nonprofits, including the Foundation for Life Guides for Autism and the International Board of Sensory Accessibility.

Founder of Neurodivergent Consulting and the internationally recognized Neurodivergent Rebel blog, Christa currently enjoys living in an RV full time with her best friend and partner David (along with 4 dogs.)

Her core values are honesty & integrity, people first (our clients and our team,) accountability, quality & expertise.

Everything DiSC, PXT Select, Project Management, Employee Recruitment & Retention, Corporate & Personal Branding, Autism & Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Business Operations

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