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Strategic Planning as an HR Professional

Strategic Planning

What is your role in the Strategic Planning Process within your organization? If an internal department calls on you to assist them with their strategic planning, how would you respond? We are often called upon to help facilitate this process but yet may lack the understanding, experience or tools that can help us execute in a way that our internal clients value. When we reflect on our role in the strategic planning process, what have we contributed and what role do we play? Do we just give the facilitator and leadership team the data for their SWOT? Are we the “front of the room” facilitator? Are we at the table working elbow to elbow with the C Suite? There are many ways in which we can contribute – but the key is – we must be part of this process. Without some input or guidance from HR, plans created will die in a desk. In this session, we will define and describe organizational strategy and recognize its major components.


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  • HR's variety of roles that can be undertaken to contribute and provide value to the strategic planning process.
  • Understand different approaches to the strategic planning process and determine when is the best approach to use and why.
  • Discover many different tools used in the process to ensure the plan is able to be implemented and does not remain unopened in the leader's office or get dusty on the employee's desk.
  • Deeply explore the HR’s role in establishing and communicating the vision of an organization.
  • Aligning the right people around the vision and strategy of the organization and how to ensure they keep focused on the goal.
  • How to develop a comprehensive scorecard containing critical data that will enable you to have a pulse on the business weekly.
  • Understand the core issues that traditionally derail a solid strategic plan and how HR can respond.
  • Gain further insight into the role that processes play in the sustainability of your strategic plan and how to identify, address and document them for effective implementation of your strategy.
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