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Future Search – From Vision to Implementation


This session will review your knowledge of many approaches to strategic planning and focus on one such method that is unique and inclusive. Future Search is a strategic and action planning methodology that considers all voices in the room when it comes to planning the future of the organization. Through facilitated exercises, a large group of people hear the stakeholder needs of others and collectively and collaboratively create a future that entices passion and productivity in all employees. Future search is a planning process used around the world by business firms, communities, and non‑profits (NGO’s). It enables people to act together on common ground no matter how they differ in status, specialty, education, job, gender, race, and ethnicity. The more diverse the group, the more successful the meeting.  Participate in this PivotU course and understand how your organization can move forward through a review of the past, exploration of the present, creation of a desired future –  all in an effort to discover and confirm common ground and commitment to action.


This program is an excellent method for strategic planning by bringing all stakeholders together to design the future of your company.  Contact PivotU for information regarding on-site and retreat opportunities.

PivotU Classroom & Webinar courses are scheduled based on public demand.  Let us know “I’m interested” & we’ll make it happen for you!


  • Learn how to develop long-term strategic plans with high commitment to implementation.
  • Create solutions to problems with everyone’s buy-in and weigh-in.
  • Develop better plans, planning approach and implementation of projects.
  • Establish partnerships across departments and divisions within large corporations - breaking down silos.
  • Create effective work system redesigns and process improvements.
  • Integrate cross-cultural vision and action plans.
  • Identify common ground and release people from polarization around differences.
  • Provide a strong common vision that can act as a focus for continued planning activities.

Who should attend

  • Facilitators who wish to work internally within organizations to design the future.
  • External consultants seeking to explore a new method of focused action planning.
  • HR Professionals seeking a more inclusive method for identifying future possibilities and strategies.
  • Supervisors and Managers wanting a method for bringing all voices into a committed process.


Submitted for 6.0 Recertification Credits


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