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Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Performance Goals

In an ideal world, every member of your team understands his or her role and responsibilities and performs those duties flawlessly. Your role as a team leader is to motivate your team members. It is essential to the success of your team that you not only develop performance goals with team members, but also acquire the employee performance management skills to hold them accountable.

Although building consensus around performance standards and responsibilities from your team members is difficult, developing performance goals and standards collaboratively ensures commitment. As a result, team members agree to the process and are dedicated to its success.

The Vital Learning Developing Performance Goals & Standards™™ course helps supervisors, team leaders and managers develop the tools they need to successfully implement effective performance goals and standard processes within their teams. By focusing on logical processes and reasonable commitments, Developing Performance Goals & Standards enables managers and team leaders to outline clear work standards and encourage better job performance. Using the SMART –– Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented and Time-framed –– approach with team members, managers and team leaders are able to demonstrate their commitment to an open and consistent performance improvement process and effectively motive team members.


Materials are available in Spanish for this course!  Contact PivotU for more information on this option.

PivotU Classroom & Webinar courses are scheduled based on public demand.  Let us know “I’m interested” & we’ll make it happen for you!

Also available as an on-demand virtual or on-site classroom program.

  • This course is also presented in a shorter virtual offering powered by our online partner, Vital Learning.
  • When scheduled for the classroom or onsite, Vital Learning materials are expanded and the course is enhanced with PivotU customized materials. The virtual course is not required as a prerequisite for the classroom courses but can be very helpful in preparing for the PivotU program.
  • Classroom and onsite programs are facilitator led and much more interactive and energizing. The training and learning helps participants truly transform behavior during the longer facilitated program.


  • Course participants receive hands-on experience practicing the program’s skills and methods.
  • Participants learn to build team members’ commitment by collaboratively planning performance goals.
  • Participants learn to define focused goals and standards, which align team members with key business goals and priorities.
  • Participants learn to use the SMART-based approach to ensure clarity and measurability of performance goals and objectives.
  • Participants learn to achieve high-quality, on-time performance by empowering team members to review and self-correct their own work.
  • Participants learn to observe, coach, support and evaluate performance using clear and measurable performance standards.

Who should attend

  • HR Professionals
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors


HRCI approved provider 2015

Approved for 3.0 Business Recertification Credits

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