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Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers

There are some people who just push your buttons. You have already determined that no way and no how can anyone deal with them. Some people are just difficult – or are they? There are many types of difficult people. This program will help participants realize the similarities and differences between themselves and others and how this creates a perception of “difficulty.” Tips and tools will be presented to help you understand how to be effective in communicating with anyone – especially the button pushers!


PivotU Classroom & Webinar courses are scheduled based on public demand.  Let us know “I’m interested” & we’ll make it happen for you!

Also available as an on-site program.


  • Obtain proven techniques to spot people you perceive to be difficult.
  • Learn to quickly stop trouble from escalating.
  • Understand 101 ways in which communication may be causing difficulties between you and other people.
  • Learn how to be assertive without being aggressive or jeopardizing your values.
  • Learn how to mitigate your anger and frustration in an effort to avoid making a difficult situation more difficult.

Who should attend

  • Employees at any level who are motivated to move difficult relationships into positive and productive collaborations.


Submitted for 3.0 Recertification Credits


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