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Conscious Choosing for Flow – Moving from Conflict to Creativity

Does your team struggle with…the free flow of information, disconnection from others because of conflict and misunderstandings, lack of clarity or misalignment of goals? What if you could learn a simple, tried and proven way of transforming the destructive tension of conflict into the dynamic energy of creativity, on the spot, while addressing the needs of organization, teams, and individuals to create buy-in and shared goals? What benefits would this have for you and your relationships? The solution…Conscious Choosing for Flow empowers you with the skills and processes to build connection and achieve results with those you interact with through a model called Formula for Flow.

Understand the foundation and skills necessary to establish a coaching culture that is supportive, encouraging, and focused on success that will make everyone look good.  Gain the ability to transform conflict into creativity, on the spot, in real time, in a manner that strengthens relationship and improves results.

Through the work of Hayden Hayden, author of Conscious Choosing for Flow, participants will explore a deeper dive into tips and tools for building relationships that get results.  As one of very few individuals accredited by Hayden, Alice shares this knowlege and facilitates teams to ahieve the flow and feeling of synergy and high performance into their daily interactions.


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This course is available for on-site work with intact teams throughout your organization.  Contact PivotU today.


What will you take-away from this 2-Day transformative course?

  • A 4-Step decision-making and problem solving process that will help you generate consistent and sustainable results – no matter what the challenge.
  • Skills to create respect and establish a sense of emotional and psychological safety in any situation.
  • Awareness of the power of Curiosity to shift from the Regressive Cycle of self-protection, to the Progressive Cycle of safety and respect to achieve optimal results.
  • A restorative dialogue process capable of resolving even the most challenging upsets and creating healing for those involved.
  • Solutions to your real personal and professional challenges that you will work on throughout the workshop.

Who should attend

  • Teams who struggle to achieve results collectively and want to improve their productivity.
  • Teams who suffer from meetings that are boring and uneventful.
  • Individuals and teams who need the strategy, processes and new behavioral beliefs that will create that feeling of "flow" when working together.
  • Bring your whole team to this transformative course.


Submitted for 10.0 Recertification Credits


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