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Conflict to Creative Collaboration

In the business world, we should view conflict as a positive sign that people care about the issue and have energy to put toward solutions. Why does conflict have to be perceived as negative and something to avoid? For conflict to be productive, it needs to include healthy debate versus unhealthy name calling, interruptions, inuendos and loaded language.  Some of the greatest ideas have come while voicing disagreements or opposing opinions. What determines whether conflict deteriorates into a disaster is how it is handled. This program will help you develop strategies for establishing a cooperative atmosphere conducive to resolving conflicts when they arise, helping individuals involved in conflicts understand each other’s point of view and facilitate problem solving.


PivotU Classroom & Webinar courses are scheduled based on public demand.  Let us know “I’m interested” & we’ll make it happen for you!

Also available as an on-site program.


  • Learn and practice a four step method for quickly communicating through conflict.
  • Understand how to focus on the individual’s needs and wants in an effort to build empathy and relationship.
  • Understand how to engage in conflict around ideas versus people.
  • Maintain relationships, create collaborative partners and stop wasting time avoiding conflict.

Who should attend

  • Employees at all levels who have to work with others to get the job done.
  • People who seek collaboration and creative problem solving over the stress and frustration of conflict.


Submitted for 3.0 Recertification Credits


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