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Compensation Conversations for Supervisors and Managers

Compensation ConversationsWhen an employee knocks on your door and wants to know why they are being paid so little or less than a friend in your company or in another company, where do you start the conversation and how do you keep the employee engaged? Managers, supervisors, and even HR generalists are routinely confronted with these types of questions. This course prepares you for these tough conversations and helps you create positive and consistent messaging about compensation for both individuals, teams and organizations. This is critical information for anytime that anyone has to talk about compensation in the workplace.


PivotU Classroom & Webinar courses are scheduled based on public demand.  Let us know “I’m interested” & we’ll make it happen for you!

Also available as an on-site program.


  • Gaining an understanding of the key elements of compensation.
  • Understanding and interpreting the organization’s compensation philosophy.
  • Practicing listening skills.
  • Formulating cogent and understandable responses to compensation questions.
  • Dealing with strong positions and attitudes.
  • Preparing communications for teams and larger audiences.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who has to respond to questions regarding compensation: from front line managers to the leader of human resources
  • All supervisors, managers, executives and leaders should be prepared with responses appropriate to their organization
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