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Abolish Performance Appraisals – Lead this Pivotal Trend in HR

Employee feedback

Is there an atmosphere of organizational dread or delight when it is “review time.” Not many people -supervisor or employee -enjoy the traditional way of performance evaluation. If employees welcome the review, it is often because they crave the feedback and expect more money!  Performance appraisals win the award for the most unappreciated HR process and it is the most mishandled!  With this workshop, we will design new methods of providing feedback and elevate your performance management objectives, organizational success, employee growth and engagement. In this course, we will review methods and materials related to Performance Management to date and discover more modern methods for performance feedback, employee development and paying people without the yearly piece of paper.  Abolishing old performance appraisal methods and changing this tradition will have a tremendous impact on employee attainment, retainment, engagement and development and overall culture. This course will present relevant terms and laws related to the performance management systems and the outcome will be a new performance management system which is both legally compliant and motivational to your workforce.


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Also available as an on-site program.


Topics include the following:

  • Understand the various performance appraisal methods and how your culture determines the readiness for which method.
  • Identify and integrate the many linkages between performance management and other business or HR practices such as compensation, succession planning, goal setting related to the organizational strategic plan, job placements and promotions.
  • Explore methods for giving employees an increase without a performance appraisal form.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate performance management programs and procedures and identify the core components for developing supervisors and managers in assessing, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Understand how coaching, mentoring and career development models fit into the performance management process.
  • Determine the value of strategic application of integrated technical tools and systems for performance management.
  • Learn how to create a performance management system versus a performance appraisal form.
  • Understand the what, when and how for the different applications of performance management from a performance review to a PIP or termination for performance.

Who should attend

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Supervisors and Managers seeking better methods for appraising performance
  • Professionals seeking options for appraising performance without a system tied to compensation.


Submitted for 6.0 Strategic Credits


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