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Time Management

E-mail, E-Writing, and E-Influence

Half-day course | Facilitator: PivotU Facilitator

Use the ACE model (Audience, Content and Execution) to make sure that you are targeting your emails and e-writing for the right people to make the right decisions at the right time. Learn about laws of internal communication. Learn how to tell stories in email without going on and on…. Apply rules to make sure that your emails get read and get a response! Regardless of your level in the organization, you can make a difference in how you communicate and influence.

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Meetings – Lead Them or Lose Them

Half-day course | Facilitator: Sue Breland

For some employees, it seems like their daily job is to go from one meeting to another. Unproductive meetings hinder results and frustrate morale. We know we can’t do without opportunities for group discussion and decision making, but can’t we do it better? We can! Determine WHY, WHEN or WHETHER to have meetings and then make them constructive, productive and value focused.

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Time Management and Mastery

Full-day course | Facilitator: Alice Dendinger, SPHR

This profile and program is designed to help people assess their time-management effectiveness and create a personal plan for improving their skills in key areas. Become able to accomplish more each day, meet project deadlines, serve more internal and external customers without adding to staff, equipment or office spaces. The self assessment used is a profile entitled, “Time Mastery” provides people with a self-directed assessment of their time management effectiveness.

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