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Make a pivotal change.

Process Improvement

Change Management and Building Resilience

Half-day course

Do you ever feel like change is being "done to you?" Don't let change manage you while creating more stress and frustration. During this course, you will learn the four phases that every human being goes through during a change. You will discover what we need to know, hear, and see during each phase, and finally, you will learn what you can do to help yourself and others during these four phases. Don't let change manage you while creating more stress and frustration.

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Leading Successful Projects

Full-day Course

Today’s managers lead and are a part of project teams who are responsible for projects that have a direct and significant connection to the bottom line. Project management is a skill set that any leader can acquire with training that effectively addresses the overall processes required for success. Managers must keep each team focused, meet deadlines and adhere to a budget. A streamlined process can help pull it all together.

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Strategic Planning as an HR Professional

Full-day course

What is your role in the Strategic Planning Process within your organization? We are often called upon to help facilitate this process but yet may lack the understanding, experience or tools that can help us execute in a way that our internal clients value. There are many ways in which we can contribute - but the key is - we must be part of this process. In this session, we will define and describe organizational strategy and recognize its major components.

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