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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Abolish Performance Appraisals – Lead this Pivotal Trend in HR

Full-day course

Elevate your performance management objectives, organizational success, employee growth and engagement. Review materials related to Performance Management to date and discover more modern methods for performance feedback, employee development and paying people without the yearly piece of paper. This process has a tremendous impact on employee attainment, retainment, engagement and development. This course will present relevant terms and laws related to the performance management system.

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Communication and Influence

Half-day course

We all communicate but do we truly influence the others around us so that they hear our ideas and our message? How do we get them to take action based on our communication? Learn how to influence others through communication.

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Leader as Coach – Strengthening Feedback Skills – Webinar

Virtual course

In many situations, two people are uncomfortable with feedback and coaching sessions; the employee and the supervisor. Help supervisors gain confidence by looking at the positive role of feedback to the success of their employee performance.

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Listening Skills for Employees

Half-day course

We all have a natural style of listening. Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace. Effective listening is crucial to communicating productively inside the organization while meeting competitive challenges from the outside. This program helps participants become active, purposeful listeners in a wide variety of situations for more productive communications. By completing a personalized profile and participating in this module, you will discover your natural approach to listening and develop an action plan to enhance your effectiveness as a communicator.

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