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Employee Engagement

Creating and Implementing Employee Recognition Programs – Webinar

Virtual course | Facilitator: Pat Bell

Money is not the exclusive way to create a positive company culture. Employee Recognition Programs that include "ground up" participation have more meaning and impact towards employee satisfaction. Explore creative ways to infuse your traditional programs.

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Employee Engagement Best Practices

Full-day course

Participants will learn about the eight key components of creating a community These include learning & development, recognition, diversity and inclusion, selection for fit. This course will present best practices for enhancing each of the eight components and multiple tools that can be adapted to your corporate environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on processes and techniques for fostering employees’ voice in decisions that affect their work.

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Transforming Your Organizational Culture – It’s More Than Employee Engagement

Full-day course | Facilitator: Alice Dendinger, SPHR

Today’s managers lead and are a part of project teams who are responsible for projects that have a direct and significant connection to the bottom line. Project management is a skill set that any leader can acquire with training that effectively addresses the overall processes required for success. Managers must keep each team focused, meet deadlines and adhere to a budget. A streamlined process can help pull it all together.

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Workplace Wellness and Work Life Integration

Full-day course

Workplace wellness and work life integration is gaining more in popularity as it has proven to be positive for the bottom line. A work environment that supports this also has more highly productive and happier group of employees. Learn how to design, develop and fully integrate a program in your workplace.

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