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Decision Making

Decision Making – It’s More Than you Think!

Half-day course

Living is a continual procession of decisions. In the workplace, leaders must be more cognizant of the effect of the decisions they make, the style of decision making they chose, who should be involved in decisions and at what point others are brought into the process. This course provides activity-based learning, tips and tools for making decisions and how to act on decisions for yourself and your organization with confidence.

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Leverage Your Unique Thinking Styles – Six Thinking Hats

Full-day course

You and your team members can learn how to separate thinking into six valuable functions and roles. Each thinking role is identified with a colored symbolic “thinking hat.” By mentally wearing and switching “hats,” you can easily focus or redirect thoughts, the conversation, or the meeting. Train, Learn and Transform your teams into a more cohesive group with a common approach and understanding to thinking and problem solving.

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