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If You Knew the Answer to All These Employment Law Questions, What Would It Save You?

Alice Dendinger | August 2, 2015 | Compensation, Diversity, Employment Law

HR Law

“What should we do if…?” “What would you advise in my situation…?”

It’s a Thursday afternoon and five professionals sit in the front row of a classroom at St. Edwards University Professional Education Center. The front row curves cozily around Ms. Judy Osborn sitting on a chair next to a large screen. With careful diction she lays out the language and relevant legal precedents of the employment laws most crucial for the HR professional.

This is PivotU’s HR Employment Law from A-Z.

The questions come from the non-profit and for-profit sectors, small and large HR departments as well as from employers with remote employees. The scope of the presentation is broad, with the intention of alerting us to a variety of key issues; but the answers are specific, based on Judy’s years of experience as a lawyer and adviser.

Judy exudes a deep appreciation for the protections and justice afforded by many laws…while giving specific instructions for how to avoid breaking them and avoiding the costly consequences.

We each come away with knowledge that will save us inestimable costs in legal fees and staff time not to mention headaches!


If you knew the answer to all these questions, what would it save you?

  1. Which positions are eligible for exempt status? (I’m certain that more than one person today learned that their organization is incorrectly classifying exempt employees).
  2. Which positions are eligible for comp time? (Same deal!)
  3. What rights does the employer have if an employee makes public Facebook posts with negative comments about their managers, or reveals their pay rate to other employees? What do your managers need to know about how to handle such a situation?
  4. Should we do a credit check on all prospective employees? Doesn’t everybody do that nowadays?
  5. How can we prevent unemployment claims from making a hit to our account? How can we prevent an investigation by Texas Workforce Commission when a temporary position ends?How can we prevent hits to our unemployment account?
  6. What are our obligations for providing harassment training to employees in our organization? Are we responsible if harassment occurs?
  7. What actions could constitute discrimination towards a pregnant woman who is applying for a job or has requested accommodation on the job? Is my HR knowledge sufficiently up-to-date given that the legal protections for pregnant women are rapidly changing?
  8. How should my organization be handling employee requests for accommodation of disabilities or health conditions?
  9. What should our paper trails include?
  10. How should managers handle requests for prayer in the workplace?How do I know if my organization is covered by HIPAA laws?
  11. How do I know if my organization is covered by HIPAA laws?
  12. What do we need to consider when writing our FMLA policy? What are the obligations of managers and employers with regards to offering FMLA to employees? What if the employee doesn’t know they have a right to FMLA—do we still have to offer those benefits?
  13. What does the government say about eligibility of domestic partners for benefits?
  14. What are we allowed to deduct from an employee’s paycheck?
  15. Under what circumstances are we required to pay for employees’ travel time? What do our supervisors/managers need to be trained on in case an employee is in a car accident on the clock?

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