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Employment Law

Civil Treatment® in the Workplace

Full-day course | Facilitator: Pat Bell

Civil Treatment® uses an interactive and experiential learning format with a modular lesson design. In addition to its realist videos and skills-building exercises, the course teaches concrete behavioral guidelines that produce tangible results in the workplace. Clients who use the Civil Treatment® program report reduced litigation expenses and positive changes in the organizational culture.

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Employee and Labor Relations Intensive

Full-day course | Facilitator: Christopher C. Antone

The number one area of the HR Certification exams failed by most HR Professionals in Texas, Labor Law. This day long presentation will feature information from the HRCI Body of Knowledge brought to you by a consultant who works with clients to avoid or decertify unions everyday and a labor law attorney sharing promises and pitfalls. In addition, more information will be shared in a very unforgettable way by hearing from members of unions, non-unions and civil servants.

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Employee Benefits from A to Z

Full-day course | Facilitator: PivotU Facilitator

This session will explore everything related to your organization's benefits - the terminology, the options, the programs - everything from A to Z.

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Employment Law Intensive

Full-day course | Facilitator: Alice Dendinger, SPHR

Employment Laws from A to Z

Half-day course | Facilitator: Judy Osborn

We live in a litigious society where just one inappropriate remark or quick decision within an organization can have detrimental long-term consequences. You will find out which laws you need to know, and build upon knowledge of those you are already familiar with, in order to make sound and defensible HR decisions.

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Harrassment in the Workplace

Half-day course | Facilitator: Alice Dendinger, SPHR

Creating a respectful workplace goes beyond legal compliance. Social media requires a greater reach for employers to lay out clear expectations about behavior to make sure they don't compromise employee interaction with careless activities and comments, disrespectful or inappropriate behaviors.

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HR – Knowing the Law – A Deeper Dive

Half-day course | Facilitator: Judy Osborn

Even the most experienced HR professionals find the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to be complex and confusing. Likewise, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are in a constant state of change. Bring your questions to this half-day session and find answers using a framework for legally compliant decision-making on matters involving compensation and employee health.

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HR Employment Law – Beyond the Basics

Half-day course | Facilitator: Judy Osborn

After you have gained a firm foundation of legal awareness when making HR decisions, you’ll want to know how those laws impact your organization. How will you apply them in daily HR operations? In this session we’ll apply the laws in a practical way with the guidance of expert legal counsel. In this session we will apply the laws in a practical way with the guidance of expert legal counsel.

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Job Description Writing Workshop

Half-day course | Facilitator: Jack Guskin, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Job Descriptions are the backbone of critical Human Resources functions in all types of businesses. The Job Description Workshop 101 takes you through the process of preparing, reviewing, editing, deploying and auditing Job Descriptions. Participants will work together and with the teacher to review and edit some of their own Job Descriptions within the context of the class.

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Understanding the New FLSA Guidelines – Live Webinar

October 25, 2016 | Live webinar | Facilitator: Alice Dendinger, SPHR

The new FLSA guidelines are causing numerous questions from human resource professionals, managers, leaders and employees alike. PivotU welcomes Karen Dulaney Smith, a specialized Wage and Hour Consultant, for a live webinar to provide answers.

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Workplace Harassment: The Real Deal (for Non-Supervisors in the Workplace) – Virtual

Virtual course | Facilitator: PivotU Virtual

Engaging, powerful, high impact, 37-minute video for managers and employees. Covers all types of unlawful harassment and retaliation. Includes practical, easily understood explanations of manager/supervisor responsibilities and liability, and employee complaint procedure. This is designed for managers, supervisors and employees at companies of all sizes EXCEPT companies with more than 50 employees in CA and CT who must attend a two hour program.

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