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Diversity Awareness

Half-day course | Facilitator: PivotU Facilitator

The Vital Learning Diversity Awareness™™ course provides team members with the tools to understand and respect people of other cultures. It also enables team members to develop the skills to gain greater understanding and respect from others. The course highlights how to successfully create a climate in which team members appreciate differences and utilize them to improve interaction, increase problem solving and promote innovation.

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Diversity Awareness – Virtual

Online course | Facilitator: Vital Learning

This interactive online skill builder will assist in understanding, recognizing and appreciating that cultural diversity means being different from others and learning how to celebrate those differences once they are identified. The opportunity will be provided to learn and then do something about personal understandings of other cultures. This course will show how to interact with different kinds of people and recognize the benefits that multi-culturalism can bring to our lives.

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Sexual and Workplace Harassment Prevention – Virtual

Facilitator: PivotU Virtual

This online Workplace Harassment course defines and demonstrates various types of harassment, including Ontario Bill 168 and BC Bill 14, as well as explains supervisor responsibilities, employee complaint procedures, and the potential for legal exposure.

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Workplace Harassment & Violence Prevention – Virtual

Facilitator: PivotU Virtual

This Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention course includes Ontario Bill 168 and BC Bill 14. This dynamic, engaging online course package covers vital information your supervisors and employees need to prevent, recognize, and respond to incidents of harassment, bullying, and violence -- and to comply with the law.

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