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PivotU is a teaching and transformation company focused on helping you thrive

The thing about us is we’re all about you—where you are now, where you want to be and the goals you want to achieve. Founded by Alice Dendinger, SPHR, PivotU is dedicated to equipping employees to keep pace, drive and contribute to business success. By adding value, both employees and organizations can evolve and thrive.

With the help of industry experts, PivotU provides customized learning experiences that teach participants how to pivot to a fresh perspective that inspires learning, growth and transformation. In the way that ingrained muscle memory helps athletes compete, the knowledge and skills gained through PivotU empowers participants to actively reach their goals. Individuals are able to contribute more value as their organizations evolve; and companies improve overall performance by nurturing workforce talent.

In addition to training, learning and transformation programs for employees, supervisors, managers, and leaders, PivotU also offers dedicated course work for human resource professionals – all of which will be submitted for endorsement through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

PivotU sets itself apart by:


Embracing the concept of facilitation, consulting and collaboration around the needs of our clients.


Incorporating tools such as surveys, case studies, and simulations that foster learning from real-world applications.


Enlisting the very best thought leaders, experts and facilitators around.


Using our Custom Core approach to address specific participant needs.



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“Wonderful information that is relevant to my professional growth in leading our organization in a time of tremendous change.”

“Great! Gained so much insight – awesome presentation skills – valuable info.”

“Highly interactive session. Come away with great ideas I’d like to implement.”

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